The Agency

Founded in 1963, Greene & Heaton Ltd is a literary and media agency with a diverse range of clients.

We work closely with our clients, where necessary or desired, to polish their proposals, edit their texts, and to give advice about positioning in the fast-changing publishing landscape. We also handle all manner of activities from straightforward book representation and contract negotiation to film and TV adaptations.


Greene & Heaton is defined by the people we represent and by the care and attention we devote to them. If you would like us to read your work please see our submissions section.

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If you'd like us to request permission to reproduce extracts from books written by any of our authors, please have a read of our permissions guidelines.

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We run an internship where our interns provide vital support to the agents and agency. For more information please read our Agency Page.
We are not currently looking for an intern.

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