Genre: Fiction
Published: 4 August 2008
Publisher: Bloomsbury

24 for 3

by Jennie Walker

Do cricketers blush? What happens if the ball hits a seagull? Can a woman have a lover and a husband and still keep her family together? Can the rules be changed? Friday: as a Test match between England and India begins, a woman’s attention is torn between a husband who is all too keen to explain the rules, a lover who prefers mystery, and a sixteen-year-old son who hasn’t come home. By Tuesday night the match will have been won or lost. Or perhaps it will have reached a draw in which only pride may be salvaged.

"24 for 3 contains some of the tightest, cleanest writing I have seen in a long time This is a little marvel. It's funny, clever, illuminating, deeply kind-hearted and it doesn't overstay its welcome. It's not self-indulgent: things happen in it, surprising things, like in an old-fashioned novel, yet it's perfectly contemporary; and every word has been chosen with subtle care." - Nicholas Lezard, Guardian
"A gem." - Salley Vickers
"Very original I loved it." - Mick Jagger
"A lovely little novel 24 for 3 is written with beguiling simplicity, and the small wisdoms it offers up are readily accessible to readers who have never been able to make head or tail of cricket." - Lionel Shriver, Daily Telegraph