Genre: Fiction
Published: 1 February 2022
Publisher: Quercus

A Good Day to Die

by Amen Alonge

His real name:

His code of conduct:
Don’t be a pawn in someone else’s game.
Never underestimate the enemy.
Above all, survive. There is no glory in death.

His mission:
It’s been ten years since Pretty Boy left the big city – today he’s back. No one knows why, but it’s clear that revenge is on his mind: he is determined to make the person responsible for his exile from the London scene finally pay. But his plans seem derailed when he takes possession of a bracelet, unaware that its original owner has set a high price for its safe return. Suddenly, the hunter becomes the hunted and Pretty Boy will have to find out if it is indeed a ‘good day to die’.

Jam-packed with action, an unforgettable cast of characters and peppered with dry humour, A GOOD DAY TO DIE is the British answer to THE WIRE and marks the arrival of a fresh and exciting new voice in thriller writing.

"Action-packed, gripping, and wildly entertaining, A GOOD DAY TO DIE is a cracking crime thriller. Amen Alonge is a powerful new voice in thriller writing and a talent to watch." - Adam Hamdy
“There's a new kid in town in every respect as this is a cracker: sharp and brutal, with a body count that would make Tarantino blink.” - Trevor Wood
“If UK hip hop was a book, it would be A GOOD DAY TO DIE. A smart, gritty, action-packed thriller that invokes the spirit of Chester Himes.” - William Shaw
“Expect plenty of punch, some memorable characters and even a dash of humour in a book that is already picking up some great early reviews.” - Crime Fiction Lover
"High octane." - Crime Monthly
"It is crime-writing with a rap beat — fast, hard, unrelenting — yet it still manages to convey the truth about life on the mean streets...the story’s honesty and impressive humanity shine through the violence." - Daily Mail
"...the narrative speeds along in laconic first person and seldom slows down, with a body count and brutality straight from the Guy Richie and Tarantino text book, leavened by a sardonic sense of humour. Addictive." - Crime Time
“…its dialogue, fight scenes and evocation of the capital are remarkable.” - The Sunday Times

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