Genre: Children's / YA
Published: 5 January 2012
Publisher: Walker Books

A Place to Call Home

by Viviane Schwarz

This is the story of a band of seven furry brothers. They live in a nice, safe, warm home – a very small hole. Yet as they grow up they become too big for the tiny space and are forced out into the world. And so their adventure begins – a quest for a new place to call their own! This determined little unit tackle the elements: crossing the sea, climbing a mountain, trawling across the desert and surviving a labyrinth until, finally, they reach the edge of the world… What will they see here and will they ever find a place they can call home?

“This collaboration between two Bookseller favourites is a real treat. An epic adventure of seven furry brothers in search of a new home, with all the humour and innovation you would expect.” - The Bookseller
“A great picture book … is as rare as hens’ teeth. So it is with great joy that I can add one more to the list… This is a wonderful book” - The Times
“(a) humorous mini-epic ... Schwarz uses a mixture of illustrations and photography to great effect and gives each creature a distinct persona.” - The Herald

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