Genre: Popular Science
Published: 1 June 2003
Publisher: Black Swan
International Rights have been sold to Germany (Hueber)

A Short History of Nearly Everything

by Bill Bryson

Even when Bill Bryson stays safely in his own study, he can’t contain his curiosity about the world around him. In A SHORT HISTORY OF NEARLY EVERYTHING he goes on a quest to understand all that has happened from the Big Bang to the rise of civilization and how we got from nothing at all to where we are today. How do we know what is in the centre of the Earth, for instance, or where the continents were 600 million years ago? On his travels through time and space, he encounters a splendid collection of astonishingly eccentric, competitive, obsessive and foolish scientists and, in an eye-opening journey, reveals the world in a way most of us have never seen it before.

A SHORT HISTORY OF NEARLY EVERYTHING won the Aventis Prize 2004, the Royal Society’s prestigious annual award for the best book of popular science. Bill Bryson’s now legendary book has sold over two million copies in the UK alone, is the 23rd bestselling UK title of all time and continues to intrigue, engage and entertain readers worldwide.

"Bryson promises to make geology, chemistry and even particle physics fun and understandable. Move over Stephen Hawking."
- Mail on Sunday
"Impressive in his terse concreteness ... Hugely readable and never obfuscating."
- John Cornwell, Sunday Times
"Lucid, thoughtful and, above all, entertaining." - Scotsman
"This most enjoyable of books ... A travelogue of science, with a witty, engaging, and well-informed guide." - Peter Atkins, Times
"The author’s account brims with strange and amazing facts…. Destined to become a modern classic of science writing".
- New York Times Book Review
"There is a phenomenal amount of fascinating information packed between its covers... Nobody who reads it will ever look at the world around them in the same way again." - Daily Express