Genre: Fiction
Published: 4 April 2024
Publisher: Corvus

Bonjour, Sophie

by Elizabeth Buchan

Can she escape the darkness of her past in the City of Light?

It’s 1959 and eighteen-year-old Sophie is determined that now is the time for her real life to start. Her existence in the village of Poynsdean, Sussex, with her austere foster-father, the Reverend Osbert Knox, and his frustrated wife Alice, is stultifying. She finds diversion and excitement in a love affair, but soon realizes that if she wants to live life on a bigger canvas she must take matters into her own hands.

She dreams of escape to Paris, the Wartime home her French mother fled before her birth. Getting there will take spirit and ingenuity, but also offers the chance to discover more about her family background, and perhaps find a place where she can finally belong.

When Sophie eventually arrives in the city of her dreams it’s both everything she imagined, and not at all what she expected.

"A glorious read! So evocative. Conjures the excitement of Paris so vividly that the reader cannot fail to be swept along on the journey. A magical coming-of-age story. I loved it!" - Ruth Hogan
“What a memorable and emotionally charged novel…Elizabeth Buchan is skilled at exploring moral complexities big and small. As a novelist she is psychologically subtle, interested in how people face up to compromise and challenges, rather than simple solutions. This is an immersive, sensory, page-turning experience.” - Jane Thynne/C. J. Carey, author of WIDOWLAND
“One of my favourite authors and someone I go to for that alchemy of story and fabulous writing. A wonderful book – warm, compassionate and nuanced. I loved it.” - Emma Curtis, author of THE BABYSITTER
“Elizabeth Buchan’s books are always original, beautifully written and page turning. BONJOUR, SOPHIE is just as wonderful, unlike anything I’ve read before. I loved it.” - Katie Fforde, author of ONE ENCHANTED EVENING
“Huge congratulations on such a wonderful novel. BONJOUR SOPHIE is a coming-of-age novel and yet it is so much more. Intimate yet expansive…with exquisite writing and sense of place, Buchan weaves her narrative into a mystery that must be solved. A wonderful, engrossing, tear-jerking and joyful read.” - Elizabeth Freemantle, author of DISOBEDIENT

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