Genre: Arts, History & Current Affairs
Published: 26 September 2013
Publisher: Headline

Britain’s Secret Treasures

by Mary-Ann Ochota

For thousands of years our ancestors have buried, dropped and thrown away their belongings. Every year, across the British Isles, many of these treasures are discovered again, by ordinary members of the public.

In Britain’s Secret Treasures, Mary-Ann Ochota explores the stories behind eighty of the most fascinating finds ever reported.  The finders’ stories, details of the objects and clues about the activities of the original owners are brought together to paint an exciting, accessible and entertaining picture of the lives of our ancestors.

From hoards of Roman gold and Bronze Age drinking vessels, to tiny Viking spindle whorls and Victorian mourning rings, all manner of treasures are described, each providing an insight into the dynamic and colourful history of our nation.

Britain’s Secret Treasures accompanied the hit ITV series of the same name.

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