Genre: Fiction
Published: 21 March 2002
Publisher: Sceptre


by Anna Davis

Night is my favourite time of day …

Kathryn Cheet has five lives and five lovers – and she has them all fooled. When she’s on the road in her black cab, none of her partners knows where she’s heading or who she’s going to pick up …

Driving around London at night, Kathryn can handle anything – or so she thinks.

But a chance encounter with a difficult passenger is set to change everything.

"Cheet is a treat... Davis writes about London with an insider’s relish and distaste… She is drawn to people who treat their own lives as if they were novels and enjoy the thrill of impersonating other characters – of having more than one narrative to their name… Davis earns full fare, plus generous tip" - Kate Kellaway, Guardian
"Tough, competitive, sexy and funny, Kat turns being alone into the adventure that it should be, but all too rarely is in contemporary fiction. A modern shrew who looks unlikely to be tamed, hers is the voice of the urban underbelly. Underlying it all is a rare, and admirable, examination of the moral values by which an individual can or should live." - Amanda Craig, The Times
"This taxi-ride is entertaining and sparky" - Independent
"Cleverly plotted on a witty premise, Davis’s distinctive, focused narrative makes for compulsive reading. Her characterisations are sharp and intelligent but are also drawn with humour and sensitivity. An excellent read" - Irish Independent
"A fast, sharply plotted book" - Daily Mail
"Stylish drama and romance" - Mirror
"A refreshingly good young novelist writing extraordinarily well outside the box most publishers would select for her, Davis shows a flair for character and a heroine ultimately deserving of sympathy in spite of her nocturnal deceits" - i-D
"Cheet displays Davis’ razor-sharp talents to the full with this tale of con-men, cops and dodgy deals" - Cosmopolitan
"Sharp, punchy … a sparkling pick n’ mix tale of urban love, life and death"
- Glamour
"High on heart-stopping twists and turns. Read this if you’re tempted to have an affair … or five." - New Woman

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