Genre: Arts, History & Current Affairs
Published: 7 July 2022
Publisher: Wildfire

Conspiracy: A History of Boll*cks Theories, and How Not to Fall for Them

by Jonn Elledge, Tom Phillips

From the Satanic Panic to the anti-vaxx movement, the moon landing to Pizzagate, it’s always been human nature to believe we’re being lied to by the powers that be (and sometimes, to be fair, we absolutely are).

But while it can be fun to indulge in a bit of Deep State banter on the group chat, recent times have shown us that some of these theories have taken on a life of their own – and in our dogged quest for the truth, it appears we might actually be doing it some damage.

In CONSPIRACY, Tom Phillips and Jonn Elledge take us on a fascinating, insightful and often hilarious journey through conspiracy theories old and new, to try and answer a vital question for our times: how can we learn to log off the QAnon message boards, and start trusting hard evidence again?

"Uproarious . . . [Phillips and Elledge] pair the abundant good humour of this book with a warning about the corrosive effects of conspiracy theories." - The Times

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