Genre: Fiction
Published: 26 July 2007
Publisher: Sceptre

Criminal Records

by Andrew Holmes

Somehow Charlie’s found himself back in the suburb he grew up desperate to get out of, playing the same old records to groups of pissed-up punters at weddings and 40th birthday parties. He loves his wife and the new baby but it wasn’t meant to be like this.

Early one morning he learns that his brother has been involved in a fatal accident. It turns out that Leo, a seasoned Tom Waits impersonator, had been running a dodgy detective agency on the side. His last case involved a missing dog. As Charlie picks up the investigation he discovers a trail which leads uncomfortably close to home…

With his trademark ability to skewer people, with all their vanities and weaknesses, to the page, Andrew Holmes delivers a darkly funny and compelling detective story that shows just how hard it is to forget the past.

"An engrossing, suspense-filled read. Andrew Holmes's sharp, lively narrative is littered with withering one-liners, and he makes some deliciously wry observations about the ennui of suburbia - and, in this case, the darkness lying beneath it." - The New Statesman
"Packed with detail, almost heart-attack-inducingly pacey and with scenes of visceral violence and tension... An unrelenting modern novel that would be gritty and dark if it weren't so packed full of humour, wit and empathetic characters. Exciting and human: a rare mix..." - The Big Issue
"Extraordinarily entertaining...dark and hilarious. Holmes reminds you forcibly of Nick Hornby in his HIGH FIDELITY days." - The Mail On Sunday
"Exciting and unputdownable, Holmes delivers a cracking detective novel about life in the 'burbs, cleverly combining humour with brutality, while painting a very real picture of society." - The London Paper
"Both thrilling and funny, this novel is a joy. Supernanny may not recommend it, but everybody else will love it." - Daily Telegraph

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