Genre: Fiction
Published: 5 July 2012
Publisher: John Murray


FATE is the story of Lord Francis Damory’s quest for the elixir of immortality. Set against the magnificent background of the eighteenth century where science and magic, death and beauty meet in the gilded salons of the decadent nobility and the brothels and debtors’ prisons of London, Francis tells of his many love affairs and his deadly duels, his encounters with courtesans and castrati, alchemists and anatomists, Rosicrucians, visionaries, monsters, charlatans, spies and assassins. His travels take him through France, across the Alpine passes to Venice and the pirate-infested Mediterranean Sea to Egypt, Cyprus and distant, exotic Constantinople on the trail of his mysterious ancestor Tobias – who might, just possibly, still be alive…

"Fate is an intricate, Gothic novel in elegant style. Fredericks brilliantly absorbs the detail of eighteenth-century cities, country, clothes, food, theatre, music and architecture. This fast-paced fiction transcends the genre" - Historical Novels Review
"A sensationally engrossing read... elegant characters in an eloquently told tale of mystery, magic and timelessness... a sublimely enjoyable book that will leave you filled with wonder and thinking about it long after you have closed the cover" - Book Club Forum
"Brings to live a vivid, exciting portrait of the eighteenth-century world" - We Love This Book