Genre: Fiction
Published: 21 February 2019
Publisher: Borough Press

In At The Deep End

by Kate Davies

Until recently, Julia hadn’t had sex in three years.

But now:
• a one-night stand is accusing her of breaking his penis;

• a sexually confident lesbian is making eyes at her over confrontational modern art;

• and she’s about to learn that she’s been looking for love and satisfaction in all the wrong places.

Frank, filthy and very, very funny, In at the Deep End is a brilliant debut from a major new talent.


“Frank, funny and fabulously filthy, but also tender and moving. Every woman should own a copy of this book.” - Erin Kelly
“This year’s funniest book? Certainly its filthiest, as Julia embarks on a journey of sexual discover, taking in bad parties, worse art and some excellent conversations.” - Independent’s “i weekend”, 30 New Books to Read in 2019
“I was snorting with mirth like a little piggy on every page. Utter filth and very, very, very funny.” - Sarra Manning, author of The Rise and Fall of Becky Sharp
“I love this book! It's a wild sexual adventure that's funny and exciting and tender and real and chilling all at once. A joy to read.” - Josie Long
“Not since Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance has a piece of art so perfectly captured the exhilarating rush and sweet self-sabotage of a toxic relationship and the cruel truth that sometimes love and obsession are hard to tell apart. Rah rah ah-ah-ah.” - Camille Perri author of The Assistants and When Katie Met Cassidy
“…in this funny, filthy, debut. I alternated between snorting with mirth and clutching my pearls. (Not a euphemism.)" - Red magazine, “This Month’s Best Books”
“This book nails sex. Pardon the phrasing but where a lot of rom-coms fade out at the point of consummation, Kate Davies’ is a frank, very funny and, at times, filthy exploration of sex, love and self-understanding. And it’s brilliant…A frank and brilliant modern-day take on what it’s like to be single or otherwise…” - Stylist Magazine, the best new books for February
“Being properly saucy while having a huge heart is something the best of us aspire to year-round but Davies' debut has managed it and made it look effortless… Fresh, funny and filthy.” - Grazia Daily
“Kate Davies’ debut is funny, frank and more than a little bit filthy, with one of the most cringe-worthy, rage-inducing sex scenes you’ll ever read.” - Emerald Street

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