Genre: Gardening & Lifestyle
Published: 12 January 2007
Publisher: Harper Collins

It’s Me Or The Dog: Fat Dog Slim

Is your dog a couch potato? Are e-numbers affecting his behaviour? Do you go for waddles rather than walks? ‘You are what you eat’ is as true for dogs as it is for humans. No wonder so many dogs have behavioural problems when you look at what really goes into some dog food. Or why more and more dogs are overweight when you think about our own sedentary lifestyles.

For tip-top pet health all you need is the right amount of the right food at the right time – along with plenty of exercise and doggy games. Thankfully Victoria Stilwell makes it fantastically easy, by providing an effective feeding and fitness programme for dogs of all ages and breeds. (And you can even get into shape yourself at the same time.) Understanding what makes your pet pooch tick is the key to her positive training approach. Along the way Victoria deals with all sorts of related behaviour problems – from food stealing to exercise evasion – in her typically feisty way.

Whether you’ve just brought an impish new puppy into your home or want to help an older pet into his basket again, FAT DOG SLIM has the answers.