Published: 13 January 2022
Publisher: Makina Books


by Wayne Holloway-Smith

Wayne Holloway-Smith turns his innovative poetics towards an exhilarating new work that is part songbook, part elastic melodrama. Here his unique voice undoes and remakes a self, moving into and out of tender proximity to other humans and objects of desire. Somewhere, in between the expansive and claustrophobic, the reader is offered a new space, crammed full with the music of what life gives and withholds.

"LOBSTERS is a soft-cracked, gut-level improvisation, overflowing with feeling but marked by refusal: anger or grief will not be made easily consumable. Instead, if you want to access the full harmonic depth of this poem, you will have to take part in the performance yourself, to become vulnerable to it, to risk being eaten.” - Will Harris
"...a stunning work of poetry that shakes down language in an innovative, darkly intricate way. ”

- Rebecca Tamás
"The blurb of award-winning poet Wayne Holloway-Smith’s new work, LOBSTERS, describes it as ‘part songbook, part elastic melodrama’. I can’t think of a better way to sum up the form of its exploration of life and loss. ”
- The Portobello Bookshop

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