Genre: Fiction
Published: 13 May 2021
Publisher: Doubleday
International Rights have been sold to Germany/DTV, Spain/Maeva, Sweden/Sekwa Forlag

Lost Property

by Helen Paris

Dot Watson has lost her way.

Twelve years ago her life veered off course, and the guilt over what happened still haunts her. Before then she was living in Paris, forging an exciting career; now her time is spent visiting her mother’s care home, fielding interfering calls from her sister and working at the London Transport Lost Property office, diligently cataloguing items as misplaced as herself.

But when elderly Mr Appleby arrives in search of his late wife’s purse, his grief stirs something in Dot. Determined to help, she sets off on a mission – one that could start to heal Dot’s own loss and let her find where she belongs once more…

"An enthralling read, full of rich descriptions and characters you can't help but love. I thoroughly enjoyed it" - Hazel Prior, author of Away With the Penguins
"A lovely novel about loss and reconnection and the glib assumptions we all make about the people who are closest to us – Helen Paris’s plot avoids the obvious route and yet finds its way to an ending that is both satisfying and joyful" - Lissa Evans
"Emotionally rich and character-led, LOST PROPERTY is a sharply funny, wise and warming story." - Anne Cater, Daily Express
"Uplifting." - Bella
"Funny and heart-warming." - That's Life
"’ll take Dot to your heart as her emotionally complex story unfolds." - Heat
"A book full of compassion and human frailty." - Woman's Weekly
"...[a] heart-warming novel about loss and reconnection." - Peterborough Telegraph
"This is such a beautifully written book, really thoughtful, digging right down into the human psyche and the human soul....Life for Dot has its very dark moments but it’s ultimately a truly uplifting read and I loved it." - NB Magazine
"Filled with beautiful prose, this is a life-affirming novel." - My Weekly
"With a quirky cast of characters, Helen Paris’ debut is a deeply moving and richly detailed story that genuinely tugs at the heartstrings." - "24 must-read books for summer", Culture Fly

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