Genre: Fiction
Published: 23 July 2020
Publisher: Penguin

Night Falls, Still Missing

by Helen Callaghan

On a cold, windswept night, Fiona arrives on a tiny, isolated island in Orkney. She accepted her old friend’s invitation with some trepidation – her relationship with Madison has never been plain sailing. But as she approaches Madison’s cottage, she sees that the windows are dark. The place has been stripped bare. No one knows where Madison has gone.

As Fiona tries to find out where Madison has vanished to, she begins to unravel a web of lies. Madison didn’t live the life she claimed to, and now Fiona’s own life is in danger . . .

“I read it almost in one sitting. It's so good, such a wonderfully evocative setting and a plot that drives through as relentlessly as that Orkney rain. Totally compulsive” - Sabine Durrant
"A masterclass in tension, coupled with the most atmospheric of settings" - Women's Weekly
"A gripping, atmospheric and dark thriller" - The Sun
"Like all of the best thriller books, this one is incredibly hard to put down - so much so that some people read it in almost one sitting. NIGHT FALLS, STILL MISSING is a masterclass in tension-building. " - Woman & Home, "Best thriller books of 2021 for readers who love a psychological page-turner"

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