Genre: Arts, History & Current Affairs
Published: 4 September 2014
Publisher: Yellow Jersey

Night Games: Sex, Power and Sport

Sex, celebrity and power come together in a critically lauded, true-life courtroom drama centering on a rape case in the world of top-level sport. ‘”The Pies beat the Saints and the city of Melbourne was still cloaked in black and white crepe paper when the rumour of a pack rape by celebrating footballers began to surface. By morning, the head of the sexual crimes squad confirmed to journalists that they were preparing to question two players… And so, as police were confiscating bed sheets from a townhouse in South Melbourne, the trial by media began.'” What does a young footballer do to cut loose? At night, some play what they think of as pranks, or games. Night games with women. Sometimes these involve consensual sex, but sometimes they don’t, and sometimes they fall into a grey area. In “Night Games,” Anna Krien follows the trial of a young footballer. Fearlessly and without prejudice, she shines a light into the darkest recesses of sports culture.

"Jaw-dropping...An extraordinary and necessary account" - Independent
"We are informed by the rigour of Night Games, just as we were by the grim detail of Tyler Hamilton’s cycling chronicle, The Secret Race, and these are both important, landmark pieces of work." - Daily Telegraph
"Krien deserves to win the William Hill Sports Book of the Year award"
- Daily Mail
"This is powerful, important writing, and Krien shows her workings throughout, including uncomfortable twinges of empathy for the accused." - Observer, Books of the Year
"Winner of the highly regarded William Hill Sports Book of the Year, this is a dark and profound journey into misogyny and sexual aggression in Australian rules football." - The Times, Books of the Year
"A terrific piece of work that needs to be read by those on both sides of what is still, in so many ways, the Battle of the Sexes." - Independent, Books of the Year
"We all have a dark side. We all carry secrets. But few are as dark and dangerous as those held by the footballers in NIGHT GAMES. A story you cannot shake off, this is a powerfully told tale of moral corruption." - Observer, 8 Must-read Prize Winners
"The best book outside football was an investigation into darkness far from the field of play. Anna Krien's NIGHT GAMES: SEX, POWER AND SPORT is a clear-eyed account of the trial of an Australian Rules footballer who is accused of rape. It is, crucially and importantly, a reflection on the power of sport and how it has the diabolical capacity to imperil the very souls of both participants and followers." - The Herald
"Krien has produced a brilliant, disarming, thought-provoking book." - Irish Times
"Krien takes a balanced and fearless look at the dark side of footy culture...Both a courtroom drama and a riveting work of narrative journalism, this is a breakthrough book by one of the leading young lights of Australian writing." - Nudge