Genre: Arts, History & Current Affairs
Published: 26 September 2013
Publisher: Doubleday

One Summer

by Bill Bryson

One of the most admired nonfiction writers of our time retells the story of one truly fabulous year in the life of his native country—a fascinating and gripping narrative featuring such outsized American heroes as Charles Lindbergh, Babe Ruth, and yes Herbert Hoover, and a gallery of criminals (Al Capone), eccentrics (Shipwreck Kelly), and close-mouthed politicians (Calvin Coolidge). It was the year Americans attempted and accomplished outsized things and came of age in a big, brawling manner. What a country. What a summer. And what a writer to bring it all so vividly alive for us on the page in this certain bestseller.

"Oh, the bliss of a new Bryson. Larger (and weirder) than life characters, great anecdotes, witty asides and fascinating facts aplenty." - The Bookseller
"Bill Bryson is a true master of popular narrative. Over the course of his career, he has bestowed a beautiful clarity on even the most recondite of subjects...Has history ever been so enjoyable?" - Craig Brown, Mail on Sunday
"A fascinating snapshot of a season during which America, for better or worse, ushered in the modern world."
- Sunday Times
"A gifted raconteur...The book is filled with eccentric, flamboyant characters and memorable stories...highly amusing." - Guardian
"A great new form of literature: biography of a few months in one country." - Matt Ridley, 'Books of the Year' The Times
"Few writers of nonfiction, and,let's be honest,few enough writers of novels, can crack the narrative whip like Bryson. One Summer fairly whirls along...full of exhilarating, fact-filled fun...surely the most sublime distraction published this year." - Observer