Genre: Cookery
Published: 3 July 2014
Publisher: Quadrille Publishing Ltd

Salad Love: How to Create a Lunchtime Salad, Every Weekday, in 20 Minutes or Less

How many times have you gone through the morning counting down the minutes until it’s time for lunch and your staple option of a sandwich, last night’s leftover pasta, a visit to a local café or something from the freezer hastily heated up in the microwave? More often than not, what ends up in front of us is bland, expensive, unhealthy or just too similar to what we had yesterday — and the day before. For the past three years, David Bez has created a new salad at his desk, every workday, as a challenge. He has developed a winning formula for composing salads by base, vegetable or fruit, fresh herbs, protein toppings and dressings.

Fresh, tinned, jarred and pre-cooked ingredients are all explored but seasonality is key and variety keeps things nutritious and exciting. Recipes include strawberries, melon & almond salad with a natural yoghurt dressing, bresaola, nectarine & mixed salad leaves sprinkled with cashew nuts & fresh mint leaves and cannellini beans & baba ghanoush with sun-dried tomatoes and red and yellow nasturtium flowers — plus over 20 recipes for creamy, vinaigrette and pesto dressings.

This is a book of 260 delicious, healthy salads — one for every weekday of the year — each of which was made, photographed and eaten by David Bez in his own office. With fresh ingredients, minimum preparation and maximum flavour, SALAD LOVE shows you David’s own simple approach to ensure your desk lunch will never be the same again.

"The man who sexed up salad." - Daily Mail (Weekend)
"We've been championing the one-man salad-loving wonder David Bez since we feel in love with his salad-obsessed website, Salad Pride, which is now also a book: SALAD LOVE." - Emerald Street
"Who said salads are boring? These quick, easy, healthy and delicious recipes from new cookbook SALAD LOVE by David Bez will transform your lunchtime!" - Cosmopolitan
"You'll never look at salads in the same way again - even the most hardened salad-sceptic will find themselves jotting down a few recipes to try out." - Italia
"Food blogger David Bez has created a year's worth of desk-top salads to liven up lunch. His Italian heritage and career in graphic design make them as pleasing to the eye as to the palette." - BBC Good Food Magazine