Genre: Fiction
Published: 11 April 2013
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Sign of the Cross

A degree of calm has returned to Spike Sanguinetti’s life in Gibraltar, until he receives the shocking news that his Maltese uncle and aunt are dead, a domestic dispute having escalated into a blood-soaked murder-suicide.

Accompanied by his ageing father, Spike crosses the Mediterranean to Malta for the funerals. As a lawyer, it falls to Spike to act as executor of the wills. The more he looks into his relatives’ deaths, however, the more he is faced by a troubling question: what could have prompted a mild-mannered art historian to stab his wife to death, then turn the knife upon himself?

After reuniting with an ex-girlfriend, Zahra, now working in Malta as a translator, Spike embarks on a dangerous trail which leads all the way from the island’s squalid immigrant tent camps to the ornate palazzos of the legendary Knights of St John. It seems that in Malta, one of the oldest Christian nations in the world, self-interest can masquerade as charity, and what first appears to be worthless can prove valuable beyond price.

"Thomas Mogford's second Sanguinetti thriller continues the excellent work of this London-based journalist and writer. As the hero peels back the layers of Malta's melting pot of a society, he delves further into the complicated world of the Knights of St John, which will leave the reader eagerly anticipating the next instalment of Sanguinetti's exciting life" - Irish Examiner
"Mogford packs a great deal into a relatively slim novel but it's the familiar Mediterranean setting, fascinatingly presented, that will linger in reader's memories" - Morning Star
"He has created a really intriguing central character in Spike Sanguinetti. A lawyer, not a detective or cop. A Gibraltar lawyer, even more fascinating and unusual, with license to roam. An intelligent shrewd young man with flaws and problems and a different personal history and not some hyper-competent super-hero. In other words a very human being. You go with Spike on his perilous journey and the complex pleasures and chicanery that ensue make you want to go on more of them" - William Boyd