Genre: Fiction
Published: 17 April 2014
Publisher: Victor Gollancz/Orion

Son of the Morning

by Mark Alder

It’s 1337 and King Edward III of England kneels praying in the smouldering ruins of a Southampton church. The Genoese, under the French, are harrying the Channel ports and Edward is faced with a grim choice – lead a suicidal attack on France or allow the French to gather their forces and invade.

His nobles counsel him to bide his time. France has divine help – three angels at least advise the French king and his banner The Oriflamme, soaked in the blood of a saint, guarantees victory to his massive army. The angels that traditionally advise and fight for the English king have gone – the Archangel Michael has not been seen in Westminster Abbey for a decade and the intercession of saints has failed to raise an angel in an English cathedral for years before that. But Edward is convinced God will come to his aid if only he attacks.

Among those present at the church is Francesco Bardi – a Florentine banker who is owed £400,000 by Edward and will lose all that money if the king dies. He needs to recoup his investment. And if Heaven won’t come to England’s aid, Bardi will seek the help of Hell…

SON OF THE MORNING is a rip-roaring adventure story of intrigue, war and sorcery – set in the world of the 100 Years War.

"SON OF THE MORNING is a smart, gripping historical fantasy" - SFX
"A triumphant combination of great characters and an epic - yet not too sprawling - plot... a vivid and realistic story that, once you're in, you'll find it hard to leave" - Fantasy Faction
"What the author has accomplished here is nothing short of remarkable, providing a rich window into an alternative history that hits all the right notes and doesn't alienate those without a deep knowledge of historical happenings" - SF BOOK
"This is fast-paced and absorbing but most of all it is as visual as a richly coloured medieval tapestry packed with detail" - We Love This Book
"It is a novel that demands to be read" - Fantasy Book Review
"Expertly written, highly detailed and vividly imagined, this is an outstanding work of historical fiction/alternate history which pulled me in with its prose and story from page 1" - Grim Dark Fantasy Reader

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