Genre: Fiction
Published: 2 June 2022
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Sun Damage

by Sabine Durrant

The heat is intense.
The secrets are stifling.
She just needs to escape . . .

Nine guests arrive at a remote villa in the south of France.

They know each other well. Or think they do.

But at least one of them has plenty to hide – and nowhere to run.

Under the relentless sun, loyalties will be tested, secrets revealed, and tensions pushed to the point of no return.

The sensational new novel from the universally acclaimed Sabine Durrant – destined to be the thriller of summer 2022.

"Another masterful trouble-in-paradise book from Sabine Durrant, whose sharp observations strip bare the darkness we all try to hide. The suspense sizzles off every page."
- Erin Kelly
"Sun-soaked brilliance" - Sarah Hilary
"Plenty of Ripleyish peril to keep the nerves on edge" - Clare Chambers
“Secrets and tensions rise along with the temperature until they reach boiling point.”
- Red Magazine
"Sensuously atmospheric, SUN DAMAGE is a twisty thriller with the added delight of acute social comedy. Without doubt Sabine Durrant's best novel yet" - Gill Hornby
"One of our best thriller writers returns with a multi-layered novel that keeps readers on the back foot throughout." - Good Housekeeping
"Gripping…Full of twists, secrets and tension." - My Weekly
"Pacy and intriguing, this has a sizzling tension all the way through." - Fabulous
"A masterclass of slow-burning psychological suspense, packed with intrigue and full of the most delightfully unreliable narrators one could ever wish to meet…It is an intricately woven book of many layers, in which Durrant ponders questions around the nature of guilt, culpability and coercive control, all wrapped up in a wonderfully addictive story. It should come with a warning, since believe me, once you start, you’ll resent everyone and anything that drags you away from reading it." - Thriller of the Month, Perspective
"SUN DAMAGE is gloriously teasing, and is just about the most exciting and obsessively readable book to have passed through my fingers for eons…an absolute roller coaster of a book, where every page holds a shock, a surprise or a horror." - On Magazine
"Written with Durrant’s usual acuity, SUN DAMAGE is an attractive two-for-one deal: smart observation of family life and Brits abroad in the middle, bookended by a Highsmithian thriller." - The Sunday Times
"An exploration of vulnerability, trickery and cruel dishonesty." - Literary Review
"The premise is so interesting and the characters so divisive that you’ll want to keep reading." - Belfast Telegraph
"Claustrophobic and suspenseful, with an engaging narrator and a satisfying twist: perfect poolside reading." - The Guardian
"A sizzling thriller." - Bella
"Escapist" - Hello magazine
"Essential holiday reading material." - Closer
"A merciless portrayal of privileged English abroad leavens a tense and fiendish thriller. Yikes!" - Saga magazine
“Ideal for a sun lounger at home or abroad.” - Audiobook of the Week, The Times
"Durrant is relentless with the suspense…superbly controlled, a novel that’s obsidian dark under the blazing French sun." - Irish Sunday Independent
"Durrant confirms her status as one of Britain's best thriller writers." - Reader's Digest
“This entertaining psychological thriller from Durrant (Finders, Keepers) deploys a delicious arsenal of unexpected plot twists… Ali’s keenly observant narration (“It’s not true you can’t con an honest person, but it’s easier emotionally when they’re not”) keeps the plot moving briskly along… good, Patricia Highsmith-style fun.” - Publishers Weekly
“Sabine Durrant is one of the greatest thriller writers of our generation and this is her at her scorching, gripping, unputdownable best. Sun Damage is brilliantly plotted, but it is Durrant’s graceful yet probing descriptions of place and class, her insight into families and couples and what lies beneath, and her painting of settings so exquisite that you feel you’re really there that make this book so incredibly satisfying and enjoyable. 5*” - Lisa Jewell

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