Genre: Fiction
Published: 1 August 1973
Publisher: Faber & Faber
International Rights have been sold to US/Valancourt, Italy/Atlantide

Sweet Dreams

by Michael Frayn

Heaven, reported St John in Revelation, was a cubical city 12,000 furlongs high made of ‘pure gold, like unto clear glass’. That was 1,900 years ago, and heaven today has changed out of all recognition, as Howard Baker is about to discover when he crosses the Highgate Road against a red light…

"Lucidly intelligent, delightful, stylish, extremely funny... I recommend it wholeheartedly" - New York Times
"May go down in history as one of England's special contributions to the twentieth century" - Times Literary Supplement
"SWEET DREAMS is a small masterpiece, beautifully written, funny, perceptive, and the most comprehensive satire that Michael Frayn has so far perpetrated." - Christopher Hudson

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