Genre: Fiction
Published: 28 June 2018
Publisher: Mulholland Books
International Rights have been sold to China/China South Booky, Czech Republic/Mlada Fronta, Denmark/Gads Forlag, Estonia/ Eesti Raamat, France/Le Livre de Poche; Germany/Penguin Verlag, Japan/HarperCollins Japan, Poland/Zysk, Russia/AST; Sweden/Louise Backelin Forlag

Take Me In

by Sabine Durrant

A hot beach. A young family on holiday. A fatal moment of inattention…

And now Dave Jepsom is in their lives.

Dave Jepsom, with his muscles, his pale eyes, his expressionless face.

He saved their child. How can they ever repay him? Especially as what he seems to want in return is everything.

He’s in the streets they walk down. He’s at the office where they work. He’s at their front door, leaning on the bell…

If only they could go back. Back to when the lies were still hidden. Before the holiday, before the beach, before the moment that changed everything.

Before Dave.

But it’s never how it starts that matters. It’s always how it ends.

“Durrant’s previous psychological thriller, Lie With Me, kept us on our toes, and the same can be said for her sizzling new tale of trust, relationships and how far you must go to repay a debt.” - Red Magazine, “Most Anticipated Books of 2018”
“I loved it. Sabine Durrant skewers her characters' foibles with a merciless pen, combing page-turning tension with the blackest of black humour. I couldn't put it down.” - JP Delaney, bestselling author of The Girl Before
“A seductive descent into paranoia and claustrophobia that coils around you like a snake and squeezes until you are breathless.” - Chris Brookmyre
“I raced through Take Me In, watching in horror and recognition as a couple turn themselves inside out through fear, assumption and regret. I couldn’t look away as they fell for the lies we often tell ourselves, with terrifying results. Sabine Durrant’s writing just gets better and better.” - Holly Seddon
“Take Me In is utterly addictive. With a relentless momentum, this is a fascinating look at how cracks within relationships can turn the world on its head.” - Emma Kavanagh
“An assured, confident psychological thriller that is rich with menace. The tension and suspense tighten their grip so subtly you'll be holding your breath by the end.” - CL Taylor
“A heart-thumping thriller about a dream family that suddenly finds itself living a nightmare. Sabine Durrant writes about the wrong turns that we can take, and the fragility of even the happiest life, and how all we love can slip from our grasp. Take Me In is smart, brilliant – and scary as hell.” - Tony Parsons
“No one writes about the frailty of human relationships quite as well as Sabine Durrant, and the depth of her social observation is matched only by her ability to have you turning pages - I gulped it down like air!” - Sarah Hilary
“Take Me In is another beautifully written page turner from the pen of Sabine Durrant. Bravo.” - Cass Green
“I absolutely loved it. Intriguing, compelling and ultimately surprising, it’s a wonderful skewering of the middle classes and an astute examination of how a crisis can trigger unimagined consequences. A joy to read and full of deliciously flawed characters.” - Liz Nugent
“A gripping and compelling exploration of a marriage under threat. Acutely observed and taut with suspense, Take Me In is a page-turning novel by one of the masters of psychological suspense.” - Lucy Clarke
“Gripping, chilling, perfectly nuanced. No one does creepy moral ambiguity quite like Sabine Durrant.” - Tammy Cohen
“I opened the book after breakfast and looked up again at three, wondering where the day had gone. Sabine Durrant is a master at turning the secret anxieties everyone holds into page-turning, nail-biting drama.” - Erin Kelly
“A novel boasting ingenious plotting, fine characterisation & assured pacing.” - The Sunday Times
“A fast moving and well-crafted thriller, perfect for the beach. What’s more, the characters in this novel are frighteningly realistic…” - Prima Magazine
“Riveting.” - Vogue
“Beautifully written, clever and so gripping, with increasing tension and menace until the heart-stopping explosive finale. I couldn’t put it down and I now can’t stop thinking about that ending! Brilliant!” - Claire Douglas
“Durrant is razor-sharp at pinpointing social mores and holding them up for cross-examination. A page-turning thriller full of threat and suspense.” - Julia Crouch
“A fabulous, intelligent read from the hideously unsettling first chapter onwards – Durrant really is the queen of suspense.” - Lucy Atkins
“One of the best writers on the scene. A delicious meld of page-turning tension and squirming in one’s seat at her acute observations of the social discomforts wrought by the British class system.” - Alex Marwood
“No one dissects middle-class fears like Sabine Durrant. Take Me In is another gripping triumph, with characters drawn from life and breathtaking suspense.” - Claire McGowan
“Unbearably tense and claustrophobic....Sabine Durrant is at the top of her game right now.” - Paula Daly, author of The Trophy Child
“Extraordinary. Dark and compelling but completely relatable.” - Caz Frear, author of Sweet Little Lies
“Excruciatingly tense and impossible to put down, Take Me In is one of the best psychological thrillers I’ve ever read. I’ll be amazed if a better book is published in 2018.” - Mark Edwards, author of The Retreat
“After the best-selling Lie To Me, Sabine Durrant has established herself as the queen of the beach-read thriller and Take Me In adds another jewel to her crown.” - Red Magazine,
“Writing an assured, nuanced thriller that plays with recognisable tropes (holiday setting, couple under siege, inexplicable stranger/stalker) without descending into cliché is no mean feat. For pure psychological suspense, Sabine Durrant doesn’t mess around: she’s a cool, confident writer who knows exactly how to get into your psyche. Need a reminder of what makes thrillers great? Read this.” - Emerald Street
“A clever, sinister and compelling page-turner.” - Woman & Home Magazine
“Heavy with tension.” - Good Housekeeping
“Sabine Durrant writes fabulous endings. This novel has a belter… Dave and the couple’s secrets combine ingeniously to provide the gloriously unexpected and explosive conclusion in this wonderful combination of social satire and psychological drama.” - The Daily Mail
“The underlying menace and tension coupled with an ingenious plot make this a superb psychological thriller.” - Candis Magazine
“Brilliantly plotted with a story that cranks up with every page, you’ll want to down this in one.” - The Sun
“It’s a testament to Durrant’s skill that she makes you care for two not especially likeable characters… This story sweeps you away on a tide of menace, building up almost unbearable suspense to an explosive conclusion. Fabulous stuff from one of our finest thriller writers.” - The Sunday Mirror
“Brilliantly plotted with a story that cranks up with every page. You'll want to down this in one.” - Fabulous Magazine
“Clever and engaging, as well as enraging in its revelation of the characters’ self-indulgent risk-taking, this novel plays with perception and sympathy and delivers an effective final twist.” - Book Oxygen
“Lie With Me's Sabine Durant is back with another twisty, turny, unputdownable thriller you'll want to make room for in your suitcase. Take Me In is the perfect beach read.” - Grazia
“From the bestselling author of the excellent Lie With Me comes this even more sinister thriller. This class act of a novel is unputdownable.” - Heat
“A tense and razor sharp psychological thriller that will keep you guessing.” - Live and Deadly,

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