Genre: Fiction
Published: 2 August 2007
Publisher: Penguin

That Certain Age

by Elizabeth Buchan

It is the summer of 1959 when forty-two-year-old Barbara Beeching, a married mother of two grown-up children, meets Alexander Liberty. Adored by her family and admired by her friends, Barbara never imagined that an unexpected and surprisingly passionate relationship with a much younger man was on the horizon.

Forty years later, thirty-five old Siena Grant is immersed in her challenging, exciting career as a television fashion consultant, Siena does not believe that happiness – necessarily – includes having children. But her husband, Charlie, disagrees.

Decades separate Barbara and Siena – years in which the lives of women have changed substantially. Or have they? Barbara and Siena’s experiences prove to be surprisingly similar as they try to negotiate the demands of marriage, the deep feelings – and the children – which are the focus of our lives.

"Honestly explores the difficulties of marriage... while at the same time depicting the difficult moments of motherhood along with the quiet joys" - The Washington Post
"Deliciously told" - Daily Mail
"With just the right blend of heartfelt feminism and humor, British author Buchan crafts another women's-crisis story that accurately captures the doubts and fears about personal fulfillment experienced and rarely resolved by two generations of women" - Booklist
"What makes Buchan such a joy to read is her ability to take familiar material and probe it for new insights. For well-done domestic drama, there is only one writer for this reader" - USA Today

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