Genre: Children's / YA
Published: 1 March 2002
Publisher: Walker Books

The Adventures of a Nose

by Viviane Schwarz

Nose thinks “Somewhere in the world must be a place just for me. A place where I can fit in, and stick out. I could be really happy there!” And so he goes to look for it. He climbs up high as the mountains and dives down deep as the fish. He goes where it’s clear, cold and tingly and to where it’s spicy and hot. He goes everywhere…until one day he realizes that wherever he goes, he fits in perfectly because he’s in the middle of his own world, which is all that matters.

"A really original and quirky story... The great thing about this is that it works on several different levels... It is a very clever book - and enormous fun." - The Guardian
"The book has a cleverness and skill that will appeal to adults and a zaniness that children will find likeable and funny." - The Sunday Times, Children's Book of the Month
"The pictures are beautiful and ingenious. You can see that the nose is always settling into landscapes that, if you look again, suggest faces. Worth sniffing out." - The Observer

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