Genre: Fiction
Published: 24 November 2011
Publisher: Sphere (Little, Brown)
International Rights have been sold to Brazil/Grupo Editorial Record/ Macedonia/Kultura, Serbia & Montenegro/Alnari, US/Sourcebooks

The Courtesan’s Lover

THE COURTESAN’S LOVER is the sequel to Gabrielle Kimm’s passionate and captivating novel HIS LAST DUCHESS. Set in 16th century Italy, THE COURTESAN’S LOVER sees Francesca, the lover of the Duke d’Este, forced to flee Ferrara after taking part in a great deception against him. She heads for Naples, where she becomes a successful courtesan. As Naples at that time was booming under the Spanish Empire, second only to Paris in Europe, Francesca quickly finds powerful lovers within the Spanish aristocracy. However, when Francesca falls in love with a respectable widower, she realises she must find a way to throw aside her life as a whore, and find some way to become a virtuous woman.

"A glorious tale of dangerous love in 16th-century Italy." - Sarah Broadhurst, The Bookseller
"A heartwarming story of love and redemption." - Historical Novels Review
"This passionate story resounds with historic truth and makes for a vibrant journey around the Naples of the past." - Italia
"You'll love this . . . Four stars." - Cosmopolitan