Genre: Children's / YA
Published: 1 July 2008
Publisher: HarperCollins

The Cow That Laid An Egg

A madcap, yet moving, story about having the courage of one’s convictions, even when others doubt you, from the creator of ‘Albie’, Andy Cutbill, and the award-winning illustrator, Russell Ayto.

Marjorie the cow doesn’t feel very special. She can’t ride bicycles or do cartwheels like the other cows. But one morning, Marjorie is astonished to discover something extraordinary…

She’s laid an egg!

But does the baby inside the egg really belong to Marjorie? Emotions run high in the farmyard as everyone waits to find out…

"THE COW THAT LAID AN EGG… had me in stitches. More than just a silly story about a cow who thinks she’s laid an egg, there’s something deeper here about the idea of family, but it’s so integral to the story that you don’t feel as thought you’ve been hit over the head with the sledgehammer of worthiness." - The Bookseller
"A charming, comical tale." - Starred Editor's Choice, Junior
"A wonderfully madcap story with wacky illustrations." - Nursery World
"Children will love the sheer craziness of this story". - Alison Green, Child Education