Genre: Fiction
Published: 7 July 2022
Publisher: Mantle

The Double Life of Daisy Hemmings

The characters in this book are works of fiction. But, then, isn’t everyone . . . ?

1988, Pencalenick, Cornwall.
At seventeen, Jason wants much more from life than working at his father’s pub and when fate, in the form of twins Daisy and Bea and their small circle of friends, offers him a glimpse of another, more glamorous, world, he’s determined to become a part of it. It’s Daisy who Jason is most entranced by, though. Everyone is: she’s the sun around which others orbit.
The trouble with the sun, of course, is that those who get too close risk getting burned – and by the end of the summer, one of the group will be dead.

2018, Camberwell, London.
When famous actress Daisy Hemmings decides it’s time to publish her autobiography, she chooses James Tate to write it. James is a ghost writer: it’s his job to step into other people’s shoes; to tell their stories for them. And he’s good at it. Very good. After all, he’s had years of practice at pretending to be someone he’s not.
But what happens when past and present – and truth and lies – collide?

Joanna Nadin’s THE DOUBLE LIFE OF DAISY HEMMINGS is an unflinching, unforgettable novel about the people we are, the people we’d like to be, and the price we pay for getting what we want . . .

"A clever novel . . . about truth, lies and what happens when the secrets we keep are exposed." - Red
"The writing fizzes with energy and charm, and the story is bewitching. I didn't want it to end." - Emylia Hall
"Totally absorbing and evocative" - Kate Riordan
"A gloriously shimmering and captivating novel, with a mystery at its heart that keeps you turning its pages." - Emily Koch
"A gem. Atmospheric and thrilling and sexy and so clever." - Laura Pearson