Genre: Fiction
Published: 6 August 2009
Publisher: John Murray UK

The Ghost Lover

THE GHOST LOVER is a compelling family drama, and an intriguing, sophisticated suspense story: page turning, darkly sexual, brilliantly written and full of acute psychological observations.

Josie Price has given up much of her life for the sake of the wealthy Haddeley family. She works with them, lives with them and knows their secrets. So when a young man, Luke, appears and claims, shockingly, to be the son of Kit Haddeley’s late wife Alice, Josie tries to help the family come to terms with the ghosts they hoped had been laid to rest.

But Luke’s arrival casts shadows on both the past and the future. Above all it is the ghost of Alice Haddeley that hangs most heavily over the family. Through Luke, she seems to demand to be both mourned and revenged.

With her intimate knowledge of the family past, it is Josie who holds the key to the mystery of Alice, and it is Josie, beset by guilt, who must resolve the destructive inheritance that Luke brings in his wake.

"Greenwood is a highly talented writer... a superbly imagined and transfixing storyline... she has woven wonders with this genuinely rich work" - The Lady
"A fiercely powerful story" - Good Housekeeping
"Deft and amusing...Greenwood makes one turn the pages" - Times Literary Supplement
"Smart and quietly assured, this sharply observed drama of the flawed and the spoilt, and their milieu, exerts an unobtrusive grip." - Sunday Times