Genre: Fiction
Published: 21 November 2013
Publisher: Sphere
International Rights have been sold to Greece/Oceanida Publications, Italy/Newton Compton

The Girl with the Painted Face

Seventeen-year-old seamstress Sofia Genotti is on the run, falsely accused of theft. Penniless and desperate to avoid the perils of whoredom, she is introduced to a troupe of travelling actors, who ask her to join them as costume mistress. Within weeks she begins to learn how to act. Acting will bring her closer to Beppe Bianchi, the young man with whom she is developing a passionate relationship. But after a feted performance at an aristocrat’s castle, Sofia is accosted by the owner and the following morning he is found dead. Who was the dead nobleman, and how did his secret past lead to his murder? Uncovering blackmail, violence and sexual jealousies, the true killer will be revealed and the power of theatre will conquer all. Sultry, passionate and dangerously addictive, if you like Philippa Gregory you will love The Courtesan’s Lover.