Genre: Fiction
Published: 29 May 2003
Publisher: Penguin
International Rights have been sold to Denmark/Lindhardt og Ringhof; Latvia/Kontinents

The Good Wife

by Elizabeth Buchan

A battlefield or the deep peace of the double bed? A poignant and compulsive novel of the fascinating tangle of marriage…

Fanny Savage has always been the dutiful wife. Married to Will, a politician with big ambitions, her life is a whirlwind of public engagements. Bound by loyalty to the party, she is required to look good and remain silent. But Fanny is no fool. She’s well aware that the world outside her privileged home is one that seethes with despair, danger, division and lack of faith. She knows how fragile happiness can be. After twenty years of marriage and self-sacrifice, she begins to question her own concepts of fulfilment.’

"Shafts of wit and wisdom that lift the novel above the commonplace" - Sunday Times
"Visceral and on the mark... ladies welcome your midlife crises with open arms" - USA Today
"Buchan writes beautifully, depicting Fanny's dilemma with wit and warmth, and neatly anatomising the comprimises and complexities of both domestic and private life" - Daily Mail
"Elizabeth Buchan soon will be attending special 'in her honour' conventions thronged with middle-aged women who revere her as their literary goddess" - Dallas Morning News
"Buchan again celebrates a middle-aged woman's use of guile and smartness to score subtle points and victories in taking back her life from a demanding husband... another winner." - Kirkus Reviews
"Compelling, compassionate, and aglow with moment of laugh-or-cry humour" - YOU Magazine

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