Genre: Fiction
Published: 14 April 2016
Publisher: Jonathan Cape
International Rights have been sold to Germany/Karl Blessing Verlag, US/HarperCollins

The House of Fame

by Oliver Harris

Amber Knight is London’s hottest ticket – pop star, film star, front-page, gossip.

Nick Belsey is less celebrated. He can’t shake his habit of getting into serious trouble. His career at Hampstead CID is coming to a dishonourable end. He is currently of no fixed address.

But a knock on the door is about to lead Belsey straight into the hollow heart of Amber’s glittering life – a world populated by the glamorous and the lonely, the desperate and the obsessed. A deadly combination.

"Harris has a terrific sense of place, hurtling between the wealthiest and most-run-down areas of London… The plot unfolds in a chilling and totally unexpected direction." - Joan Smith, Sunday Times
"A fast-paced thriller that is also nuanced and evocative…hats off to Harris, who has, once again, managed it with style and authority." - Laura Wilson, Guardian
"Non-stop activity is exhaustingly gripping, and Oliver Harris is punchy and perceptive." - Marcel Berlins, The Times
"Meticulously plotted, with a delirious, haunted, paranoid atmosphere. Belsey is an irresistible mixture of the reliable and the reckless, laconic and tightly wound… Harris writes beautifully… Imbued with an uncommon subtlety and intelligence, House of Fame is a superb novel." - Declan Hughes, Irish Times
"Harris has a rare ability to combine storytelling that has a freewheeling, improvisatory feel with a plot that has been long hours in the concocting… He [Belsey] is fast becoming the best anti-hero in British crime fiction." - Irish Independent

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