Genre: Fiction
Published: 5 November 2009
Publisher: Black Swan
International Rights have been sold to Greece/Minoas, Latvia/Kontinents, Poland/Otwarte

The Jewel Box

by Anna Davis

Two sisters. Two lovers. Too many secrets.

Grace Rutherford is the one and only Diamond Sharp, the ‘It girl’ of 1920s London, whose weekly newspaper column delights readers with tales of her nightly escapades: the dinners, the dancing, the hairdos, the fashion, the men …

Caught up in the glitz and glamour of the day, Grace begins a passionate affair with charming, flirtatious American author Dexter O’Connell. Soon, though, she finds herself falling for John Cramer, the charismatic neighbour her widowed younger sister adores. Irresistibly drawn to both men, Grace discovers that they are bitter enemies. As she becomes tangled up in the mesh of secrets and lies that binds them together, she must try to find out which man, if either, she can trust.

"A brilliant drama of the Charleston era...full of intrigue and depth." - Now
"You won't be able to put this down!" - Look
"Sparkling." - Marie Claire
"Sex and the City meets London’s Roaring ‘20s in Davis’s satisfying fifth novel… Davis, best known for THE SHOE QUEEN, delights once again with this romp through pre-Manolo chick lit turf." - Publishers’ Weekly
"Davis presents a rip-roaring read filled with enticing characters emulating the American literati living it up overseas after the First World War." - Booklist
"Davis puts the 'roaring' into the '20s... It’s the way Davis creates the perfect pitch and tone in dialogue and narrative that truly brings the era to life." - Romantic Times
"Flawlessly written and beautifully poignant - a jewel of a book" - Suzannah Dunn

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