Genre: Fiction
Published: 3 March 2022
Publisher: Mirror Books

The Old Man and Me

by Jason Wilson

Amsterdam, 2001. A shoot-out in the city’s docklands leaves one man grievously injured and a rival drug dealer killed outright.

The injured man is Tony Spencer from Coventry. Aka The Old Man. Once a prolific businessman, he is now considered Public Enemy No. 1 by the National Crime Squad and the head of several smuggling rings operating between the UK, Holland, Morocco, and Spain. At the age of 50, with bank robberies, counterfeiting, and several fortunes gained and lost behind him, he is on the run and living abroad.

As Spencer’s life hangs in the balance, his son Jason arrives in Amsterdam. While he prays for a miraculous recovery, he ponders who his father really is. He has raced anxiously to be by his bedside and yet he is somebody he doesn’t know well at all.

Jason begins digging in earnest. He begins to piece together the story of The Old Man’s life. It’s a story that is riddled with contradictions: a man who makes millions but saves nothing, prizes freedom but spends years inside, works in a violent world but who – seemingly – avoids violence. Spencer was absent, often in prison, for much of his upbringing but now, as his father recovers from the shooting, Jason begins to wonder.

Maybe if he can come to understand his father’s life, he can begin to understand his own…