Genre: Fiction
Published: 21 July 2008
Publisher: HarperPress
International Rights have been sold to Brazil/Record, Holland/WPG, Spain/Algaida Editores, Turkey/Pegasus

The Queen’s Sorrow

by Suzannah Dunn

A queen brought low by love compromised and power abused – the tragedy of Mary Tudor. Plain, dutiful and a passionate Catholic, Mary Tudor was overjoyed by joy when she became England’s queen. After the misery of her childhood, when her father had rejected her mother, and effectively disowned his daughter, Mary felt at last that she was achieving her destiny. And when she marries Philip of Spain, her happiness is complete. But Mary’s delight quickly turns sour as she realises that her husband does not love her. In fact he finds her devotion irritating. Desperate for a baby, she begins to believe that God is punishing her. Her people are horrified at the severity of the measures she takes and begin to turn against their queen who is lonely, frightened – and desperate for love. Xavier, a member of Philip of Spain’s entourage, is a reluctant witness to the unfolding tragedy and as the once-feted queen tightens her cruel hold on the nation, Xavier becomes closer to Mary and his life – and new-found love – are caught up in the terrible chaos that follows.

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