Genre: Cookery
Published: 1 February 2001
Publisher: HarperCollins

The River Cottage Cookbook

by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

THE RIVER COTTAGE COOKBOOK is a hefty, satisfying read about farm life, hunting, fishing, herbs, vegetables and spices – and, above all, cooking. With the many factors that affect the quality of the produce sold at the supermarket, a return to one’s own backyard is essential. If you don’t like what the supermarkets are feeding you, you don’t have to put up with it. This book is not just about growing your own, it’s about supporting those who produce food the way you’d like to see it done. Even if your first step is to grow a few pots of herbs or to eat a free-range goose for Christmas, Hugh hopes you’ll already be enjoying your life more.

THE RIVER COTTAGE COOKBOOK has been honoured with the prestigious André Simon Cookery Book of the Year Award (2002) and the Michael Smith Award, presented to him by the Guild of Food Writers, and the Glenfiddich Trophy.

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