Genre: Lifestyle
Published: 31 May 2018
Publisher: Quadrille Publishing

The Shrinkology Solution

In a world where we are tempted by food on every street corner, on every billboard and all over our social media, is it any wonder so many of us struggle with weight loss and sticking to diets? What if we started thinking about the psychology of dieting and eating, rather than just the food on our plates?

The Shrinkology premise is super-simple: in order to achieve lasting weight loss, you need to start addressing your emotional issues with food, rather than simply going after every fad diet. Offering an in-depth psychological quiz which will reveal which type of eater you are, and tailored life and food hacks for each type, this is the last diet book you will ever need.

"So many diet books focus solely on the food and not nearly enough on the psychology of why we eat what we do and how to use simple hacks to overcome temptation. This is where The Shrinkology Solution comes in a strong and original idea from two very smart and knowledgeable authors." - Dr Michael Mosley, author of The Clever Guts Diet
"his book has a wealth of weight-loss wisdom, based on huge experience and common sense. A revelation!" - Dr Xand Van Tulleken, author of How to Lose Weight Well