Genre: Fiction
Published: 15 January 2007
Publisher: Harper Collins
International Rights have been sold to Brazil/Record, Holland/WPG, Portugal/Casa Das Letras, Spain/Algaida Editores

The Sixth Wife

by Suzannah Dunn

Clever, level-headed Katherine Parr survived four years of marriage to Henry VIII. But when Thomas Seymour won her heart not even a year after the old king’s death, their hasty union undid a lifetime of caution…

Catherine, Duchess of Suffolk, is Kate Parr’s best friend. An unwilling witness to the dowager queen’s late-blossoming love, she harbours nagging suspicions of Kate’s handsome, ambitious new husband. But as Cathy is drawn deeper into the web of politics ensnaring her oldest friend, it gradually becomes clear she has her own dark tale to tell. For if Thomas might betray his wife for power, then sharp, canny Cathy might betray her for passion…

In her second historical novel, Suzannah Dunn brings a tumultuous era to magnificent life. THE SIXTH WIFE is a compelling and tragic tale of one woman’s discovery of love, betrayal and death.

"My, what a story ... delightfully vulgar and utterly compelling." - The Times
"Mesmerising and beautifully written." - The Scotsman
"Easily au fait with her sources... with some taut plotting which confines the drama to a small, clearly defined cast, mak[ing] the danger and vulnerability on which these Tudor lives were predicted uncomfortably easy to understand." - Times Literary Supplement
"Suzannah Dunn ... weaves a kind of love story that is both moving and believable. This is the Tudor world as seldom seen ... The result is historical chick lit at its most charming." - Daily Telegraph
"We are time-travelled to Tudor times and there is no sense of costumed pageant – the events feel raw, happening as we watch … Dunn has a real ability to conjure up a living breathing past – a great talent." - Publishing News
"Dunn is as sharp on historical detail as she is on the workings of the human heart." - Easy Living
"Dunn [sheds] possible new light on Katharine's marriage to Thomas Seymour and her final days are treated with sympathy and skill." - The Tablet
"Dunn brings people from Tudor times vividly to life." - The Bookseller
"Dunn’s real strength lies in her ability to reveal, in a fastpaced and vividly readable style, the hidden complexities of life in this period ... Finely drawn and intensely believable characters." - The Sunday Business Post
"A tale of excess and lust ... this one doesn’t disappoint." - Women’s Lifestyle
"Mesmerising and beautifully written." - The Scotsman
"Convincing and compulsive."
- Saga
"Powerful." - Ellesmere Port Standard

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