Genre: Humour
Published: 27 October 2022
Publisher: Octopus

The Very Best of Fesshole

by Rob Manuel

Britain confesses anonymously… but will the truth set us free? From the creator of viral Twitter sensation, Fesshole, comes a ‘best of’ collection unlike any other.

'Puerile, reprehensible and very, very funny' - Adam Kay
'I love Fesshole. Every single one is a masterclass in storytelling' - Jay Rayner
'Hilarious! The only guide any alien would need to find out what humans are really like' - David Schneider
'The wild, the wonderful, the frankly unbelievable and the downright disgusting. Under the anonymity of the internet people confess their most embarrassing secrets and it might not be good for their souls, but it's great for the readers!' Richard K Herring - Richard K Herring