Genre: Cookery
Published: 3 September 2007
Publisher: Bloomsbury

The Wild Gourmets

Guy Grieve and Thomasina Miers are on a mission: to travel the length of Britain, subsisting off the land. They will hunt, fish, scavenge, beg, borrow and barter; they will live like paupers, but dine like kings.

First of all, Guy passes on the secrets of a `good camp’, including vital skills such as erecting a wall tent, tying failsafe knots, purifying water naturally and getting a campfire going under the soggiest conditions (accompanied by diagrams to help you on your way). He then shows how to track down and prepare the finest raw ingredients: pheasants, rabbits and other feathered or furred game; crabs, seaweed and the bounty of the seashore; mackerel, trout and other watery quarry; and the best wild herbs, berries and fungi. Armed with some rudimentary kit and a great deal of ingenuity, Tommi rustles up amazing feasts, and the book is packed with over 100 delicious recipes, ranging from warm beetroot and pigeon salad to rabbit, apple and cider stew; pan-fried scallops with samphire and dandelion to mackerel ceviche; and nettle vichyssoise to chestnut and blackberry cream pot. (All of which will taste every bit as wonderful eaten at your kitchen table.)

Beautifully illustrated with colour photography and charming illustrations, this book, tying in with the prime-time Channel 4 television series, is destined to be the first step of your own wild food adventure.

"An eye-opener of Britain's wildest riches."
- BBC Good Food Magazine
"Informative reading whether you intend to spend a year up a tree or just twenty minutes in Waitrose." - Waterstones Books Quarterly
"The book features dozens of recipes and a healthy dose of inspiration." - Good Book Guide
"With over a hundred recipes from warm beetroot and pigeon salad to nettle vichyssoise, it's Ray Mears meets Raymond Blanc." - Living North