Genre: Fiction
Published: 12 November 2020
Publisher: Doubleday
International Rights have been sold to US/Flatiron Books, Czech Republic/Euromedia, Germany/HarperCollins Germany, Israel/Lesa Books, Sweden/Etta

Three Women and a Boat

by Anne Youngson

Meet Eve, who has departed from her thirty-year career to become a Free Spirit; Sally, who has waved goodbye to her indifferent husband and two grown-up children; and Anastasia: defiantly independent narrowboat-dweller, suddenly vulnerable as she awaits a life-saving operation.

Inexperienced and ill-equipped, Sally and Eve embark upon a journey through the canals of England, guided by the remote and unsympathetic Anastasia. As they glide gently – and not so gently – through the countryside, the eccentricities and challenges of canalboat life draw them inexorably together, and a tender and unforgettable story unfolds.

Disarmingly truthful and narrated with a rare, surprising wit, THREE WOMEN AND A BOAT is a journey over the glorious waterways of England and into the unfathomable depths of the human heart.

"Life-affirming and funny" - Good Housekeeping
"Hugely tender" - Yours Magazine
"This gentle meander down England's waterways has a bittersweet meditative charm" - Mail on Sunday
"A tender story of friendship amidst the challenges and glory of canal-boat life: the perfect autumn read" - Woman's Weekly
"Gentle and charming. A chance to think about what really matters" - Reader's Digest
"A joy to read" - Culturefly Books to Give at Christmas
"Beautifully written, THREE WOMEN AND A BOAT is a book of endings and of new beginnings; a witty, honest, tender and uplifting look to what the future might hold for those who care – and dare – to grasp it, irrespective of their stage of life." - Sunday Post
"’s a novel about the kindness of strangers and the unexpected joys of being neighbourly, qualities that, during the current Covid-19 crisis, have acquired a new pertinence." - Waterways World
"Anne Youngson’s witty and elegant novel is a celebration of friendship and a timely reminder that it is never too late to take on a daunting (but life-changing) new challenge." - Daily Mail
"A delightful book with much to think about, not least enjoying the passage of travel and time." - Townswoman

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