Genre: Fiction
Published: 14 September 2017
Publisher: Arcadia Books


by Christopher Osborn

Everybody ages, everybody dies – but not, necessarily, Victor. He’s never felt better…

Victor, a molecular biologist for more than forty years, is looking back over his life and his glittering career. His private lab, in North London, has been responsible for a number of key breakthroughs in the treatment of autoimmune diseases – particularly Multiple Sclerosis.

But now Victor is self-medicating the drug, Telo, that promises to offer a cure for aging with the muted fervour of a high-functioning white-collar junkie.

UNBOUND is a meditation on the brevity and beauty of life, a love letter to the arts, a series of open and very timely questions about the nature and future of mortality in the 21st century, and a distinctive literary reboot of the gothic novel.

"Christopher Osborn’s project is complex, concerned as much with memory, identity and love as with omnipotence and everlasting is rare to find the conflict between the human and monstrous, the manifest and buried, the past, the present, the fantastical and real so absorbingly explored. Jean Cocteau is not mentioned in these pages, but his film of Beauty and the Beast supplies a comparison with the eerie plenitude of UNBOUND... As a character, Victor is doomed. As an invention, he soars." - Sheena Joughin, TLS