Gabrielle Kimm

Agent: Judith Murray

Gabrielle Kimm lives in Hampshire. Her first novel, HIS LAST DUCHESS, (Sphere 2010) is set in Renaissance Italy and was originally inspired by a Robert Browning poem. Gabrielle gained an MA in Creative Writing (with Distinction) from the University of Chichester in 2007, for extracts from her second novel, THE COURTESAN’S LOVER, which was published by Little, Brown (Sphere 2011).

THE GIRL WITH THE PAINTED FACE (Sphere 2013) is also set in 16th century Italy and features a troupe of travelling Commedia dell’Arte actors who fall foul of an unfounded murder accusation. As well as the novels, Gabrielle has written an e-book short story, PLAYING A DANGEROUS GAME (Sphere 2013) which features the central character of THE GIRL WITH THE PAINTED FACE. She is working on her next novel, which is set in 19th century England.

Books by Gabrielle Kimm