Gill Meller

Agent: Antony Topping

Head chef at River Cottage HQ, Gill Meller has been part of the River Cottage team for eight years. Working closely with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Gill has been a major part of all of the activities at River Cottage, including sourcing the ethically-produced and sustainable food and creating the ever changing menu. He appears regularly on the series cooking alongside Hugh, contributes to the cookbooks and teaches at the River Cottage Cookery School.

Gill is actively involved in various food campaigns, including Chicken Out! which strives to raise awareness of the conditions of battery hens, and Fish Fight, which seeks to change EU laws regarding mandatory discards of fish and make fishing more sustainable. Gill has contributed recipes to delicious. and is currently working on his own River Cottage handbook.

Gill is available for public speaking engagements, cooking demonstrations and masterclasses.


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