Mark Barrowcliffe

Agent: Judith Murray

Mark Barrowcliffe worked as a journalist (writing especially for The Times, on topics ranging from the workplace and dating to whether it is acceptable for men to cry or to watch their weight) and a stand-up comedian, before embarking upon his career as a writer. He is now the author of five hilarious books, including his memoir of himself as a nerdy teenager, THE ELFISH GENE, and the catalogue of his past relationships, MR WRONG, and an established ghostwriter. Recently, under the pseudonym M.D. Lachlan, he has published two fantasy novels (WOLFSANGEL, and FENRIR, Orion, 2010 and 2011). Mark has spoken at the Stratford Literary Festival and at Latitude’s Literary Arena, at festivals of fantasy fiction, and even at the National Geographic about his recent expedition to the Amazon.

Recent and upcoming engagements:

‘In Conversation with Mark Barrowcliffe’, a talk about walking the Amazon, National Geographic Store, June 2011

Interviewed by Anders Qvist, at Eurocom, European Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention, Stockholm, June 2011


M.D. Lachlan talks Norse, Myth, Magic, Stand-up Comedy, Pen Names, If You’re Just Joining Us ,


Interview with Mark,

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