Russell Davies

Agent: Antony Topping

After an uneventful 70s childhood in Derby and a failed bid at popstardom (which included an appearance on ITV’s dismal Top of the Pops imitation “Razzmataz”), Russell worked first as a gag-writer for the BBC and then in advertising. He is Head of Planning at Ogilvy, a partner at RIG, a founder of Newspaper Club, a Contributing Editor at Wired UK, a columnist for Campaign, and a mucker about on the Internet. Throughout his career, he’s been involved in various strange sideline projects: starting blogs, making his own ringtones, collecting ukeleles, photographing the BT tower and helping out with “We Are What We Do”, the team behind the bestselling charity book, CHANGE THE WORLD FOR A FIVER (Short Books, 2004).

Russell’s latest book, EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT LIFE I LEARNED FROM POWERPOINT (Profile Books) was published in November 2021.

Russell’s website,, a homage to the UK’s best fry-ups, was voted one of Yahoo’s favourite websites of 2004.

Books by Russell Davies