Sa’ad Azam

Agent: Imogen Morrell

Sa’ad Mustafa Azam is a social influencer, renowned for their poignant storytelling and commitment to breaking down barriers. They have built a strong online presence and a growing social media following, with over 300,000 followers on TikTok and a high audience engagement of over 10 million likes on videos to date, and over 100 million views. The platform has allowed him to connect with a diverse and engaged community internationally.

As a Third Culture Kid and survivor of a forced marriage, Sa’ad is working on a self-help book about navigating the complexities of cultural identity, mental health struggles, and the journey towards self-discovery. This book will shed light on the often-overlooked experiences of third culture kids (people raised in a different culture from their parents, or living between two or more cultures) and address the pressing issues faced by people of colour.

Sa’ad has appeared on BBC, Vice News, and Lancaster News, speaking about issues to do with racism, mental health and cultural identity.