Sonya Kudei

Agent: Eleanor Teasdale

Sonya Kudei was born in Zagreb, Croatia, in 1981. She studied English Language and Literature (BA) and Cognitive Linguistics (MA), as well as studying things such as philosophy, psychology, Germanic languages and art history. Possibly as a result of all this, her interests are somewhat eclectic.

She has been writing fiction since she was about six, and once (or maybe twice) in the mid or late ‘90s, she was awarded first prize in the junior short story competition at the annual Zagreb SciFi convention. Although her memory of the stories has subsequently become a bit vague, she is fairly certain they featured either radioactive aliens or giant killer plants or possibly both.

Sonya has worked as a journalist, illustrator, graphic designer, movie subtitle translator, product manager and (very briefly) tourist guide in Venice. In addition, she was a web developer in London for over five years.

She is also a painter, with a penchant for Early Renaissance art, and is a keen practitioner of obscure 15th century painting techniques, some of which involve eggs. Occasionally she draws comics (modern, not Renaissance ones).

Sonya came to the UK in 2006 to do her Master’s degree, and has been living in the country ever since — first in Brighton, then Hove, then Brighton again (it’s complicated), then Haywards Heath, then London and finally St Albans.