Sumayya Usmani

Agent: Claudia Young

Sumayya is a food writer who specialises in Pakistani and Muslim heritage food. She is on a mission to put Pakistani cuisine, often misunderstood and confused for other South Asian ones, firmly on the culinary map. Sumayya has written for and appeared in numerous print and online publications, including BBC Good Food, Delicious, The Foodie Bugle, Fabulous Food, Good Housekeeping, Food Network UK and Vegetarian Living and is a Member of the Guild of Food Writers. She has appeared in Madhur Jaffery’s Curry Nation television series and contributed to the supporting cookbook. Currently working on her memoirs of Pakistani cuisine and contributing to Oxford University Press’s ‘The Oxford Companion on Pakistani Cuisine’, Sumayya also hosts her own cookery classes in many cookery schools across the U.K. including Divertimenti London, Sophie Grigson’s Oxford as well as her own private group classes.

Sumayya has had two of her recipes chosen for The Guardian Readers’ Recipe Swap. One for ‘Breaded’ which you can read here and one for ‘Old-fashioned’ which you can read here.

You can watch a clip of Sumayya preparing her recipe ‘Rose Petal Lamb Chops’ here.

Sumayya’s first cookbook, SUMMERS UNDER THE TAMARIND TREE, was published by Frances Lincoln in April 2016. Her second cookbook, MOUNTAIN BERRIES AND DESERT SPICE, will be published in 2017.

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